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Provision of school trips (in particular residential trips). 
We have since organised a Pantomime trip to Mansfield, a free Pantomime trip at Blackwell community centre. Year 3/4 have visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park and also visited Hardwick Hall, Year 1/2 have visited Bolsover Castle, FS1/2 are about to visit Mansfield Theatre to see Cinderella - the ballet and Year 5/6 have a trip planned for Summer 1 - details to follow shortly!  Every class will be going on a school trip each academic year. We will be researching a residential in the Summer term with a view to offering this from 2017-2018.

We have invited in for the day: KidzSmart (Sport), Saltmine Theatre (E-safety), NSPCC (Keeping safe),  Warburtons (Cookery), Captain Blackwell (Music), People who help us (wider community and safety), Severn Trent Water and more - please see our news page!

100% of parents agreed that their child is happy at Blackwell!
100% of parents agreed their child is safe at Blackwell!
100% of parents agreed their child makes good progress at Blackwell!
100% of parents agreed their child is taught well at Blackwell!
100% of parents agreed the school responds well to concerns!

100% of parents would recommend Blackwell Primary to another parent!

As part of our ongoing engagement with parents, we will be holding regular surveys throughout the year.  Your views are very important to us and we will use your feedback to help direct the future of Blackwell Primary.  

YOU ASKED - WE ACTED!is a page where we will share the results of our surveys and what the school is going to do to act on your feedback!

Please click below to download a copy of actions taken following feedback from parents:

Results of the Parent Survey, Autumn 2016 and Autumn 2017

More sport (e.g. netball, karate) and less competitive sports (e.g. dance, gymnastics).
We have asked Bolsolver Sports Partnership to help us provide this. We have since attended more competitions including gymnastics, football. multi-sports and basketball. We are currently developing a sports page to share all that we do and the great work that our pupil sports ambassadors do too!

​Provision of extra clubs and activities for pupils – particularly those for the younger children in FS and KS1. 
We have now started a club page on the website. There has also been a new Film Club run in Autumn 2016 for KS1 and a Dinosaur Detective club that has run in the Spring term for KS1, film club for KS2 in the Spring term. These have been run by staff and the take up has been brilliant! A ballet/tap club for Y2/3 that will start up in the summer term as well as a  gymnastics club for upper KS2. We have also offered music tuition lessons to pupils and we have had 12 pupils take this up. A morning club for karate run by an external company ran for a term in Spring 1.

You Asked and We Acted - September 2018
We continue to receive parent feedback and have acted on this to improve the provision for our school community.  We were asked for:

​​For a full breakdown of the results of the parent survey, or a downloadable copy please click the documents below:

​​Parent Feedback - December 2019
We asked parents for their feedback at a recent event and these were our responses:

​​Blackwell Primary is a fantastic school.  My child is very happy here.

We are very pleased with our child’s settling, progress and level of happiness.  Particular thanks to my child’s class staff who have made a huge impact.  We couldn’t be happier.

We are so pleased with how well our girl is doing and progressing here.

Fantastic staff – we like how approachable they are and are willing to help and reassure when needed.

My child has a peanut allergy and Blackwell have done their very best in making sure she is safe in any way they can and make people aware of it.  I am so grateful for this.

School has given parents a discussion about helping your child learn their letters and words at home, which has been very helpful.

I am happy with my child’s progress.

All the staff are very good, I highly recommend Blackwell School and their staff.

Fantastic school, so happy that my children are here and happy.

As ever I think Blackwell is a fantastic school which is always seeking to develop and improve the various aspects of school life, for the enrichment of the pupils.  My child loves coming to this school and benefits greatly.

Fabulous and hardworking staff supporting the youngsters.

All of the staff are wonderful and fully supportive in all areas.

My children enjoy attending school – which says a lot in itself!  

​Teachers are always available if I have any concerns regarding my children.

Children know what is expected of them within school and have good relationships with teachers/other staff which is always comforting as a parent.

Blackwell welcomed my child in during the school term very warmly.  The school has been very flexible and accepting of our family circumstances.  We as a family have felt very supported so far during my child’s time at the school.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the school whole-heartedly.

​Staff always go the extra mile – and it is a great personal feeling with all the staff.

You said you would like:  

Feedback from Parent/Carer Survey - Autumn 2016
There were lots of great comments - thank you to all who filled in the forms.
We have already put plans into place based on your feedback!

Feedback from Ofsted Parent View - July 2017

At Blackwell we are always open and welcome to receive views from our parents, carers and guardians.  We asked for your views at the end of what has been a very busy and exciting year with lots of changes!

Thank you to all of the parents who left their views on the Ofsted Parent View site - please see below for the results:

You asked - we acted!

You Asked and We Acted - Autumn 2018

These are fantastic results and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our parents for their support over the year.  We are always looking to improve and develop the school to benefit the whole community.