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Health and Safety Monitors, Caretakers, Risk Assessors

Roles and Responsibilities:

Risk assessors
​· Use grid provided to check that all areas are secure within the school
· Wear yellow coats so you are visible
· Report any safety concerns to Mr Newbold as he will log these in the office
· Check STEM room, library and stairs are free of hazards

Health and Safety Monitors
· Take out register/numbers of children present that day for teacher during any fire drill practice
· Make sure that KS1/KS2 areas are clear of hazards and tidy (1 x daily)
· Encourage people to be walking in corridor areas so that no-one gets hurt
· Make sure taps are off in the bathrooms (KS1 or KS2).

​· Sweeping up leaves on playground when needed
· Putting chairs out for assembly on Friday
· If water is on the floor, put out yellow hazard sign
· Making a note if bins are full and let Mr Newbold know


Library Monitors

Roles and Responsibilities:

· To make sure that all books are in the correct places
· To check that no books are damaged
· To keep library tidy
· Every term, ask teachers about their topics and gather books around this that can be used
· Check scanner is working
· Change book displays termly based on interests of pupils
· Check during Golden Time that children have changed books if needed 

Eco Leaders

Roles and Responsibilities:

· Water plants indoors 1 x weekly

· Water plants in Summer 2 x weekly

· Put waste fruit into the compost bin (by bandstand)

· Make sure water is in birdbath outside

· Help weeding/gardening when needed

· Use litter pickers to keep playground/local area tidy

· Encourage recycling in the school

IT Leaders

Roles and Responsibilities:

· To check that all IPADs are returned after every lesson (daily)
· To check that IPADs are charged (daily)
· To let an adult know if you are concerned about anything on the computer or if a friend comes to you as digital leader
· Make sure that the school mobile is in Miss Hatter’s class and it is charged (each week)
· Assist in tidying away IT resources
· Helping in wet plays where films need setting up

STEM Leaders

Roles and Responsibilities:

​· Support Mrs Clarke in STEM club KS1/KS2
​· Keep resources tidy in STEM room
​· Think of which resources are needed and investigate costs
​· Prepare equipment before club/lessons
​· Always wear STEM lab coat
​· Encourage children to join STEM club
​· Help take a register during STEM club

Business Managers

Roles and Responsibilities:

Year 5 and 6:

·Undertake office duties (answering phone, alerting adults to when visitors arrive at front door)
·Keeping desk and work area tidy
·Taking messages for teachers

​Year 3 and 4:

·​Photocopying when needed
·Giving out letters/messages to classes or staff
·Fetching children as and when required by office

At Blackwell, every child has the chance to become a School Leader.  Roles are available as Eco Leaders, IT Leaders, Library Monitors, Business Managers, Health and Safety and STEM Leaders.  The responsibilities for these roles are detailed below: