"Unlocking Potential, Providing Opportunities, Achieving Goals"

Blackwell Primary School has its own Private School Fund account, to be used for fundraising purposes and to provide extra-curricular activities and resources for the children in school.

Examples of funds paid into the Private School Fund include:

- A grant from Tesco Bags of Help, used to build and refurbish the STEM lab

- A grant from the Institute of Physics, used in the "Eye in the Sky" project

​- Monies from Awards for All, used for the MUGA

Each year, the Private School Fund account is audited by Adkin Sinclair Chartered Accountants.

For the financial year ended 31st March 2018, the following figures applied:

Balance brought forward: £8060.42

Total receipts: £8202.90

Total payments: £12822.54

​School account balance: £3440.78

​For more information on the Private School Fund, please see the school office.