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school clubs

At Blackwell, we offer a range of clubs for our students to widen their horizons and give them the chance to do fun and educational activities outside of class.

The details of our current (and upcoming) clubs are below.  We are always looking for suggestions as to how to widen our provision - please let us know if there is anything you would like to see!


Tough Tomatoes Gardening Club KS2
A gardening club runs each week on a Tuesday for our Key Stage 2 pupils.  This term we are preparing for our Farmers Market which will be held during the summer fayre.  There is a waiting list for the gardening club - for more details please visit the school office and see Mr White or Miss Flint.

Code Club  KS2
We run a lunchtime Code Club for our Key Stage 2 pupils.  At the club, pupils learn to make their own code using three different coding languages - Scratch, HTML/CSS and Python.
Pupils get to make all kinds of cool and interesting things - their own computer games, posters, modern art, maps and so much more!  Coding will be such an important skill in the future, so it's great to be able to offer our pupils a head start! For more details please see Mrs Knight.

Drumming Club KS2
A club for our Key Stage 2 pupils, at Drumming Club we learn the skills to make our own music using drums, both as individuals and as a group!  You can usually hear us before you see us, but if you'd like to join in, please see Mr Ley!

Craft Club   KS1KS2
We offer a Craft Club for some of students, each week at lunchtime with Mrs Simmonds.  At Craft Club we use all different kinds of materials to create our very own works of art!  Mrs Simmonds will contact you if you are selected for the Craft Club.

Music Tuition   KS1 KS2
Our students have the opportunity to take part in music tuition run by an experienced tutor. Options available are guitar and piano tuition - a number of students are already taking part and enjoying learning to play music - we are hoping they will perform an assembly for us when they are confident enough!  If you would like to join this club please ask at the office to register.

Recorder Club   KS1
Mrs Boswell runs a recorder club once a week for our Key Stage 1 pupils.  Pupils have the chance to learn a range of songs and perfect their technique!  If you would like to join please ask for a permission slip - all children must be collected by a responsible adult at the end of this club.

Let's Get Cooking KS2
Our very popular Let's Get Cooking club is back!  Each half term a group of pupils will learn how to cook certain dishes and recipes from fresh ingredients - it's messy, but it's fantastic fun and you get to take home whatever tasty snack you've made! There is a waiting list for the Let's Get Cooking club, please ask at the office for a permission slip to be added to the list.