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​Year 3/4 Curriculum Newsletters

Please click the links below to read our current class newsletters:

​Our class performing with ribbons during one of our weekly Tai Chi lessons with Paul.

​Useful Websites For Children

​Below are some links to useful, fun websites which focus on different areas of the National Curriculum. Any feedback that you have about these websites, or suggestions for other websites we could provide links to, is welcomed and appreciated.

Celebration Certificate Winners

Term 2




Writing Award Winners

Term 2



​Our topic display, created by the talented children in our class, is coming along nicely...

​Our Class Gallery

​A few pictures of the children's (and parent's) brains being given a thorough workout during our second parent drop-in session.

Maths Award Winners

Term 2



​Here is Anthony with his amazing 'Mr. Twit' beard he made at home for Roald Dahl day

​Congratulations to Team 'Hogwarts', who were the winners of our Year 3/4 Benchball tournament during our invasion games-based P.E. lessons.

​'Hogwarts' team members: Freya (Y3), Caylen (Y3), Holly (Y4), Jessica (Y4), Joshua (Y4)​​

​As part of our 'How Did A Tree Become A Wood?' topic, our class created some art work using natural materials: leaves, branches and twigs that had fallen from trees on our school field.

Welcome To Year 3 and Year 4

​Eric, Jack and Ethan working on their possession skills during one of our P.E. lessons.

​Our Topic This Term

​'How Does A Tree Become A Wood?'

​Here are some pictures of our class participating in some 'outdoor learning', working on our times tables.

​'No Pens Day'

​As part of our annual 'No Pens Day', Year 3/4 participated in a variety of speaking and listening activities. One of the activities was to answer some thought-provoking questions.

Click on the names of children below to listen to their answers of the following questions:

​'If you could be one book character for one whole day, who would you be?'    Freya   Lilly   Flora   Eric   Ethan   Matilda   Archie  

​'If you could wish for one thing, but for somebody other than yourself, what would it be?'   Charlie   Riley   Mia   Jessica   Anthony   Faith   Tori     

English, ​Mathematics and Science

​In our Science lessons, we are learning about light. In this lesson, we made our own 'Whizzer Wheels' - a disc that replicates how we see the 7 colours of the 'visible light spectrum' as one beam of white light.

​Here are the poems and art work we created for our Harvest celebration in school.

Year 3/4 Leaders and Monitors

School Council Members:                                              Archie (Y3), Lilly (Y4)

Risk Assessors:                                                              Ethan (Y4), Holly (Y4)

Caretaker:                                                                       Jake (Y4)

Eco-Leaders:                                                                   Matilda (Y4), Faye (Y4)

Playground Monitors:                                                    Lucas (Y4), Jessica (Y4)

Business Managers:                                                      Mia (Y3), Archie (Y3)

​Computing Monitors:                                                    Faith (Y3), Charlie (Y3), Freya (Y3), Jack (Y3), Tylor (Y3), Caylen (Y3)

Book Monitors:                                                              Faye (Y4), Jake (Y4), Taiden (Y3), Faith (Y3)

Register Monitor:                                                          Sydney (Y4)

Classroom Tidy Team:                                                    Mia (Y3), Eric (Y4), Matilda (Y4)

​Water Bottle Monitor:                                                   Freya (Y3)

​Magpie Monitor:                                                            Jessica (Y4)

​Mindfulness 'Thought Of The Day' Monitor:                Lilly (Y4)


Teacher: Mr Hill

Welcome to Mr. Hill's class home page.

On this page, you will find lots of information about what we are learning in class, as well as photos of your children's brilliant work, and hyperlinks to websites that link with the work we are doing in class.

This page will also include information about future tasks, including homework, so please do check for any updates.

If you are unsure about anything or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help.

 Many thanks
Mr. Hill