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​Year 3/4 Curriculum Newsletters

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Celebration Certificate Winners

Term 1

Eve T.

Caylen G.

Humphrey T.

Chloe E. 


Writing Award Winners

Term 1

Imogen F.

​Jack L.

​Our Class Gallery

Maths Award Winners

Term 1

Flora L., 

Tristan B.

Welcome To Year 3 and Year 4

In our first Intra-School competition of the year, Year 3/4 contested a Dodgeball tournament as a climax to their work on accuracy of throwing. A superb sporting afternoon was had by all, and the team aptly-named 'Dodgeball Champions' were the eventual winners.

Dodgeball Champions: Eli J-S., Coben O., Imogen T., Taiden B., Taylor M., Lewis L., Tylor B., Jacob K.

​Our Topic This Term

​'What Was Here Before Us?'

English, ​Mathematics and Science

Year 3/4 Leaders and Monitors

School Council Members:     Chloe E. (Y3),  Faith W. (Y4)                                          

Risk Assessors:     Tylor B. (Y4),  Humphrey T. (Y4)                                                                                                            

Health and Safety Monitors:     Lewis C. (Y4),  Caleb W. (Y3),  Kamila G. (Y4)

Eco-Leaders:     Lewis L. (Y3),  George H. (Y3),  Faith O. (Y3)                                                              

Freidnship Ambassadors:     Lois T. (Y3),  Eve T. (Y3),  Chloe E. (Y3),  Coben O. (Y3)

Playground Monitors:     Taylor M. (Y3),  Aiden B. (Y3)                                                   

Arts Monitors:     Flora L. (Y4),  Mia S. (Y4),  Faith W. (Y4),  Humphrey T. (Y4),  Jacob K. (Y4)

First Aid Monitors:     Tori W. (Y4),  Maddison D. (Y3), 

STEM Ambassadors:     Eli J-S. (Y3),  Kyra J. (Y3),  Rhianna W. (Y3),  Eva R. (Y3)

Business Managers:     Freya B. (Y4),  Archie D. (Y4),  Dustin A. (Y3)                                            

​Digital Monitors:     Lewis L. (Y3),  Chloe E. (Y3),  Imogen F. (Y4),  Taiden B. (Y4)          

Book Monitors:     Taiden B. (Y4),  Maddison D. (Y4),  Kamila G. (Y4),  Caleb W. (Y3)                                                             

Classroom Tidy Team:     George H. (Y3),  Coben O. (Y3),  Eli J-S (Y3)                                                   

​Water Bottle Monitor:     Imogen F. (Y4)                                                

​Magpie Monitor:     Tori W. (Y4)                                                          

​Mindfulness 'Thought Of The Day' Monitor:     Flora L. (Y4)

Fire Register Monitor:     Tylor B. (Y4)           ​​


As part of our Stone Age, 'What Was Here Before Us?' topic, we have begin to design some of our own cave art, using oil pastilles.

We think they're coming along just nicely...

Teacher: Mr Hill

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