Autumn 2 2019 - White Post Farm Visit to see Santa 

Autumn 1 2019 - Road Safety

​Welcome to Foundation 

Autumn 1 2019 - Autumn 

Spring 4 - Arts Day with Platform 31 Final Prints 

Spring 4 - Y1 & FS2 RSPB Big School Bird Watch    

Spring 3 - Arts Week FS2 Self Portraits

Spring 4 - Ipad Self Portraits    

Class Newsletters 

Every half term we have a new Curriculum Newsletter which contains 'Key Questions' that we will focussing on through our topics. Please click the links below to read our latest newsletters.

Spring 4 - Time Challenges & Measuring Time

Class Gallery 

Autumn 2 2019 - Children in Need

Spring 3 - Arts Week FS1 Self Portraits  

Spring 3 - Arts Week African Dance &

Drumming Workshop   

Autumn 2 2019 - Bonfire Night 


Spring 3 - Chinese Food Tasting 

Spring 4 - Arts Day with Platform 31 Exploring Self Portraits and Creating Our Prints 

Autumn 1 2019 - Meg and Mog 

Spring 4 - Brush Brush Brush Your Teeth...

Spring 4 - Healthy Eating

Autumn 2 2019 - Poppy Day

Spring 4 - Pancake Day

Spring 4 - Positional Language     

Please click the links below to read more information about Foundation.

Spring 4 - World Book Day    

Spring 4 - RSPB Paper Plate Birds   

Welcome to the Foundation Stage page.
Class Teacher: Miss Hatter

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on the playground before or after school, alternatively please ring to arrange a time after school, many thanks.

Over the coming weeks, this page will have lots of information on to help us with our learning. The current class newsletter information, photos, examples of children's work and special achievements will be uploaded.

Miss Hatter

Autumn 1 2019 - Little Red Hen 

Whose are these footprints? 

"Unlocking Potential, Providing Opportunities, Achieving Goals"

Spring 4 - Chinese New Year hand print dragons 

The School Day
FS1 (Nursery) 9:00 - 12:00 with lunch at 11:30 in our FS classroom

FS2 (Reception) 9:00 - 3:30 with lunch 12:00-1:00 in the hall.