The School Day
FS1 (Nursery) 9:00 - 12:00 with lunch at 11:30 in the hall.
FS2 (Reception) 9:00 - 3:30 with lunch 12:00-1:00 in the hall. 

Star of the Week

Every Friday morning four children are selected to be a 'Star of the Week' (two FS1 and two FS2 children). They will be chosen because of a special achievement during the week, such as good work, meeting a personal target or setting a great example to others. These children take the register to the office and stand at the front of the line for the week. They also get a paper bracelet on the day they are chosen.

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Foundation Stage & KS1 Trip to White Post Farm

Reward Assembly

Every fortnight one child from each class is chosen to receive a special assembly certificate in our rewards assembly. Each assembly has a different focus for pupil achievements.

Welcome to the Foundation Stage page.
The class teacher is Miss Hatter. Mrs Ottowell, Mr Ley, Mrs Knight and Mr Williamson also work with us.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on the playground before or after school, alternatively please ring to arrange a time after school, many thanks.

Over the coming weeks, this page will have lots of information on to help us with our learning. The current class newsletter information, photos, examples of children's work and special achievements will be uploaded.

Miss Hatter

Welcome to Foundation 

"Unlocking Potential, Providing Opportunities, Achieving Goals"


Baseline assessments

In line with good practice we are busy collecting lots of evidence around all children in Foundation Stage through a range of observations and individual assessments, these will be used to complete the new government baseline for FS2 children . Observations and activities are done through play and practical activities and children are largely unaware of what is being completed by adults. Information will be shared at parent consultation evening appointments in October and individual targets will be set. 

How do we assess children in Foundation Stage?

In Foundation Stage we assess children in a variety of ways and record evidence of what they have been doing in a range of ways. Children do some work on paper which is kept in their Busy book, Topic book or Literacy book other evidence like photos and comments are put straight into the child’s learning journey (2 Simple to Build a Profile).

Individual Learning Journeys 

We started to use 2 Simple in 2014  to build individual learning journeys with much more evidence of what children have been doing in school. Within this app, each child has a file where we add any photos we take of the children learning and make notes on what we observe. Once the data is collected, it is uploaded to the online management suite. All the 2 Build a Profile software uses industry standard encryption and security that you would typically find on online banking systems.

Using our added function of ‘2 Engage with Parents’ we can automatically email you photographs with electronic post it notes with next steps and which areas of the foundation stage profile are being assessed which you can then contribute to with comments and achievements at home that will present a true picture of what your child can do.  These should also be accessible via modern mobile phones that you use to access your email accounts.