Our Guinea Pigs, Gizmo and Barney, first came to live with us in 2017.  Since then, they have made such an impact in the school they even have a room named after them - their home, in the guinea pig room!

Gizmo and Barney are looked after by the children on a rota.  Each lunchtime, the guinea pig monitors make sure that there is enough food - and treats! - in the cage, and that the water dispenser is cleaned and re-filled.  Each week, their cage is cleaned out.

During weekends and school holidays, the guinea pigs are looked after by members of the school staff - we care very deeply for the welfare of our animals.

The children also make sure that Gizmo and Barney gets lots of love.  When they first arrived, they were very shy- now, they can't get enough attention!

Shawnilee and Sofia from Mr Hill's class have written an information leaflet about how to look after them, please click the link to read about it.

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The Guinea Pigs


Meet our Pets

​At Blackwell Primary School we are very lucky to have a number of school pets!  All of our children have the chance to take part in the daily routines of making sure our pets are safe, well fed and in good health - and, most importantly, given lots of love! 

​The children are also given the chance to learn how to properly care for both our pets and other animals, have written guides and designed posters - please look out for our "pets" display in the guinea pig room to see some of our work.

Our new arrivals are currently top secret, but please keep watching for more details soon!